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LCAG China register for the 9th Bürostadtlauf 2023

Dear Christopher,

I’m glad to share with you that the „9th Bürostadtlauf“ – 5km charity run was successfully held in Shanghai yesterday. (17th of August)
Everyone enjoyed the running so much  🙂

Initially we met a sudden heavy thunderstorm rain starting from noontime but no one gave up. We still welcomed around 100participants on site.
The miracle happened when we started to run, rain became lighter and lighter. As the event drawing to a close, a rainbow that symbolizes good luck was hanging highly above the event site!

Here share with you and @Beibei the rainbow picture taking from the Bund, wish you a successful event in FRA&PEK next week!
Thanks&Best regards,

Dear Rinka,

WOW – what a great event. A biiiig thanx to all the 100 runners from my side.

I’m proud to see such a motivated team running for Cargo Human Care and especially for our new project, the Secondary School for girls in Marsabit / Northern Kenya.

You are more than 9.000km away from Karare, the place where we are now building the new school. Last week we visited all our projects in Kenya, including the Wings Academy of course.

You can be sure that all these children are very thankful for getting the chance for a good education through the help of you and many others worldwide.

Cargo Human Care will not only build classrooms, a laboratory, dormitories, an admin building and a water tower – but we will also look for foster parents to pay for the running cost of these girls.

To say it with the words of John F. Kennedy: “A child without education is a lost child!”

Many thanks from Germany and Kenya to Shanghai.

We greet you from the Wings Academy in Marsabit. Here, too, the vacations have just begun, but we still met some kids from the neighborhood. Here they are with Headteacher Emmanuel and Evangelist Patrick at the construction site of the new labratory.

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